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of eminent educationists & entrepreneurs to create an education institution that will

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enable students to become competent professionals & lifelong learners


All our courses are offered online leveraging the latest technologies and one of the best learning management platforms (Moodle Rooms).

Welcome to University of Pasadena

We believe that students with just knowledge of what is thought or learnt is not sufficient to be successful in their careers, they also need to build their skills and abilities as well. Hence we have adopted an innovative approach of competency based education model that incorporates tasks, projects and activities that will help our students to achieve their career goals and also help them to think like entrepreneurs.

All our courses are offered online leveraging the latest technologies and one of the best learning management platforms (Moodle Rooms). This should help our students learn from customized and easy

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to learn content from anywhere, at any time of the day, and also get the best interactive experience and mentoring when needed from our eminent faculty.


Through Guided Discovery
Customised General Engineering Course Content.


Through Projects & Activities
Problem Solving, Communication, Leadership, Collaboration, Innovation, Lifelong Learning, Critical & Analytical Thinking Interpersonal Skills, Decision Making.


Through Practical Application
Design and Implementation Skills, Apply Knowledge, Familiarity of Latest Tools & Technologies, Professionalism.

About Online Learning

Online learning at University of Pasadena provides a location independent, technology driven learning experience through Moodle Rooms, the university’s online course delivery platform. Online classes at UPAS are very interactive and easily

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usable, enabling students to interact directly with faculty and students through Moodle rooms.

Classes follow a semester calendar like a class room program. Students will need a computer and internet access to complete their coursework. Students

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who complete the program receive transcripts and degree from UPAS that is equivalent to a degree earned in a class room program.

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to commonly asked questions about online learning at UPAS.